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In the current economic climate it's not always an option to buy new kit outright. We offer you the following alternatives so you can get your hands on the equipment you need now whilst reducing the impact on your cash flow.

Hire Purchase deals for new equipment

Do you need new equipment right now but don't have the available capital to pay for it? If you wish to own the new kit then Hire Purchase may be the solution to your problem. This is the most common form of financing for printing equipment purchase. After paying an initial deposit and the entire VAT, fixed monthly repayments allow for easy cash flow budgeting.

Please contact us for a tailored package designed to suit your needs and circumstances.

Lease equipment

This finance option allows you to spread the VAT element over the period of the agreement, making it less expensive to set up, therefore having less of an impact on cash flow. You can change your kit regularly so that you always have the latest innovations at your disposal. In addition you also avoid the costs that come with operating older machinery.

Call or contact us for a quote.

Part Exchange old or unwanted kit for new

Pay even less and get rid of old unwanted kit into the bargain! We can offer part-ex on virtually all items of printing equipment so you are never stuck trying to dispose of an old unwanted piece of equipment.

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Rent equipment

The perfect solution for those one off jobs or short term contracts. We offer competitive rental rates on all types of printing equipment.

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