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Tech-ni-Fold is a global leader in rotary creasing equipment that eliminates digital and litho cracking. The CreaseStream employs Tri-Creaser Fast-Fit technology that enables fast and gentle creasing. It is a cost-effective and versatile creasing solution.

Introducing the CreaseStream Junior

The CreaseStream Junior is specially designed to gently manipulate, stretch and prepare the area of stock that is prone to cracking so that folding is trouble free. There are multiple choices of crease and micro-perforating settings available to cope with any imaginable print and stock combination.

The functionality of the CreaseStream Junior can be extended with optional extras for micro-perforating, spine and hinge creasing, slitting and cutting (single cut, double cut and edge trim).

Watch the CreaseStream Junior in action

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  • Specially formulated and rotary action rubber creasing matrix allows fast hand-feed output of up to 4,000 sheets per hour.
  • Feeds maximum sheet width of 52cm.
  • Produces up to six crease styles to match any imaginable stock /print combination.
  • Simple to set, easy to change crease/micro-perf styles.
  • Produces flat, nearly invisible micro perforations that let sheets run through any laser printer or copier, from 65–350gsm.
  • Produces simultaneous multiple crease & micro-perforating without affecting speed.
  • Apply crease or micro-perfs to either side of sheet, or both at the same time.
  • Optional guillotine quality slitting devices available.
  • Cost-effective and adaptable to any print environment.
CreaseStream Junior Perfect for: Features:
CreaseStream Junior

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Small to medium digital print runs • Heavy gloss advertising literature • Brochures • Menus • Tear off coupons • Greeting cards. Table top (optional mobile table) • Hand fed • Strong construction • Sheet skewer compensator allows angle of crease to change to suit badly pre-trimmed sheets • Easy to set sheet guides extend directly to tooling shafts, ensuring accurate register • Inbuilt caliper mechanism allows instant changeover from one stock weight to another
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Attention Creaser Owners!
We provide the following services for existing owners of Tech-ni-Fold CreaseStream creasing equipment...
  • Emergency repairs - swift response
  • One off servicing
  • Regular maintenance contracts
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Valuations for insurance purposes
  • Removal and/or relocation of kit

We follow manufacturer guidelines for servicing and use genuine manufacturer parts only.


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